Gel Filters

Hold filter over camera lens with your fingers to take pictures.  For close ups I use a clip on macro lens. You have to be really close to focus with macro lens, so put coral up to the glass and put cell phone up against the glass.
Front pic's taken with Samsung S5

To order the Gel filters, go to Paypal,hit send money,
pay to my email
hit goods & services.
Put your address in the comments section.
$5.00 for 10 differnt tints,sent usps.
Add $1.00 if out of the USA

Now also
have a 3" size for DSLR cameras,
 $7.50 for 10 different

Or 1 Pak of each size ( 2" & 3" ) for  $10.00

 You Can Also Customize any tints for same price

 Also Have Quantity discounts: ( 2 inch size )
  3 Paks / $10.00
  8 Paks / $25.00
  20 Paks / $60.00
  40 Paks / $110.00


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